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Perhaps the body of your favorite toy is already pristine, but that lack of performance just keeps nagging away at you. We can also perform any mechanical or performance upgrade to take your project to the next level. From suspension upgrades to 4-wheel disc conversions, electrical improvements to major engine and drivetrain enhancements, or installation of chrome kits or wheel and tire packages, let the Pros at Page Customs take you where you want to go.

Our NEWEST SERVICE is for an area of most cars, new and old, that is routinely overlooked and neglected. The hydraulic brake system. Brake fluid by nature attracts moisture. If left in the system long enough, especially with cars that sit or are stored routinely, this moisture will begin to corrode some of the internal components which can lead to premature failure or wear out. The best way to prolong the service life of the hydraulic system is to flush out the old fluid and replace with new. Most new car manufacturers recommend this service be performed every 2-3 years. Even DOT5, or silicone brake fluid is subject to similar issues. The difference here is that while silicone fluids repel moisture, when moisture enriched atmosphere enters the system it will not mix with this fluid but rather cause small pockets of the moisture to collect and remain more concentrated as moisture in small isolated areas of the hydraulic system. Corrosion will inevitably follow. We offer a complete DOT3 or DOT4 specification brake fluid flush/replace service. Call for more information or to set up an appointment.

Today's performance tires are, to say the least, expensive! One of the most overlooked aspects of Hot Rods, Custom, and Vintage or Restored Cars, is the wheel alignment. Most folks feel that their cars are driven so little it will take years to wear out the tires. While that may be true, proper alignment can also offer improved handling and drivability, reduce rolling resistance, improve gas mileage, and of course extend tire life. Our trained experts offer precision alignment using Hunter Engineering technology. Call today for more information.

When it comes to maintaining your Custom, Classic, or Muscle Car, nobody does it better than your one stop shop, Page Customs. You must be careful even when selecting motor oils. Since nearly all of today's production engines use roller technology most oil companies have removed the catalytic converter damaging additives required to protect flat tappet cam engines. To protect the cam and lifters of older model engines we use MOC brand of engine oil additives to restore the anti-friction properties which are no longer in most of today's oils. We also have a limited supply of NOS Pennzoil 10W40 SL motor oil which contains the correct additive package for flat tappet engines.

We also offer precision mechanical distributor set up services, or what is commonly know as "curving" the distributor. What good is it to build a great engine and have it deliver poor performance? We can set up your distributor for the advance you want, when you want it. Usually the cam manufacturer recommends ignition timing and advance specs for each cam, and if your distributor is not up to the task, don't blame it on the cam!

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