1932 Ford Roadster

The 1932 Ford Roadster is one of the most popular hot rods ever conceived. We here at Page Customs decided that we wanted to build one to our standards and see if anyone in the custom car world would be interested in us building one for them. Our goal was to build a high quality vehicle but keep the price within reason. This car is our base model and sells for $50,000.00. There are many different options that can be done to truly customize the car for you. Take a closer look and see if you may be interested in Page Customs helping you with your dream car.

This is how she gets started.

All parts in our 32 Roadster are new, even the engine. In our base model,
we furnish a new, under warranty, Chevrolet 350 engine with 200 hp.

We spray the entire interior surface with a sound and heat protective product.

This is the frame after we have sanded and prepped it and is painted the color of your choosing.

The body is meticulously sanded and sprayed with a high quality primer.

Here is the body just freshly painted. We chose an “old school” look for our Roadster so we sprayed her in single stage black. Base coat / clear coat is also available in and endless choice of colors.

As you can see, we care about the underside of the car as much as the exterior. We include a stainless steel exhaust and the rear axle gets painted as well.

In the base model, a high grade vinyl is used for the interior. Leather or other materials are available.

(Note: the wood trim is an option. We just put it on this car because we thought it looked great!)

Here is a photograph of the completed interior. We include a five gauge cluster package with a chrome surround, a vintage era steering wheel and bench seat and a column mounted automatic transmission to create more room.

And here she is all completed. A convertible top is also included in our base model

(See below)