1975 AMC Matador

Our customer approached us about an interesting idea he had. He wanted to do a high end custom car but start with a very uncommon car one would normally not do. To help with his decision, he looked up on the internet “the top 10 ugliest cars ever”. Once he saw the Matador, he knew this was the car to do. He wanted to show that he had the imagination and ingenuity and we wanted to show that we had the talent to turn an ugly duckling into a swan. Well, a spot in the 2016 NSRA Builder’s Showcase and many awards later, we feel that we both were successful.

Day One – Wow what a beauty!

As you can see, she was pretty rough.

The beginnings of the dashboard and center consol.

Filling in the rear quarter window and the forming of the porthole.

She’s really starting to take shape!

Roughing in the front marker light.

In the paint booth getting her stripes and bull logo.

A Chevy 502 should be plenty of power.

On the left, the Matador at the 2016 NSRA Builder’s Showcase in Louisville, Ky. On the right, the AMC Nationals in Rockford, Il.